Thinking Free

Perhaps how I percieve our universe is the most godforsaken excuse for philosophy ever to emit from the mouth of a human being. Then again, one day I may be right.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Testing, looks like the google accounts thing got introduced recently.

Anyway, much stuff has happened. Am happy, looking for work.

More later

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Weeeee...been a while!

It has.

In the spirit of looking forward to my next trip abroad to the good ole US of A, I have decided to take the time to compile a list (inspired by an effort by Kaenai), of thinks I will NOT be looking forward to when I return. I should point out, however, that in spite of this list I remain deeply fond of the United States, and despite reservations of its foreign policy I can't help but fall in love with it every time I come over. C'est Magnifique.

Anyway, the list:

Family Values: A phrase which when used usually evokes scenes of Fred Phelps et al. ''Family Values'' seems to be Baptist code for 'I hate Gays' to explain why they voted one particular way in the (not-so-) recent election. Usually espoused most prominently by people who's actual family values consist of getting drunk, coming home at two am, beating their kids and pushing their wife down the stairs.

Creationists: Kent Hovind and company broadcast this puesdoscience attempting to explain how all of modern science is wrong and everything from communism to teenage pregnancy is to be blamed on Charles Darwin. Based mostly on the theories of people with ''interesting'' (and by interesting, I mean, non-existent) academic credentials (apart from Behe I suppose), who cannot quite grasp the concept that a book written 2000 years ago might use metaphorical rather than literal imagery for its important messages.

People who moan repeatedly about immigrants: Those annoying fucktards who shave swastikas into their pubic hair and moan repeatedly about how "their" jobs are being taken over by new arrivals. Okay boys, let me explain two things.
1) Two or three generations ago your family were immigrants too, who came over here and stole other people's jobs.
2) The actual reason they stole "your" job is mainly because they will do it for less money and to a higher standard than you do.

"INSERT RANDOM CULTURE/NATIONALITY" - American: No, you are not Irish-American, you're not African American, you are simly American. Its not a lot of history but it is who you are. You can be proud of your roots distant without being a fucking cock about it.

The word 'Synergy': I mean, for fucks sake. This is one of those words which when used generally mean the minutes you put into the conversation have been lost forever for no discernible reason.

Political Pornography: By this I mean the Michael Moores and the Ann Coulters of the world. Who needs fact when you can mouth off about how the other side are destroying America and its values?

And....thats that for now.


I actually fucking love America, just in case you were wondering.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Hello again...update time.

Once again I find myself with an inexplicable gap in postings, once again I write nothing of note simply because nothing of note happened, or, well, at least I don't think it does.

Anyway, will post later about the holidays and Stockholm. More pressingly exam season is afoot. Aberdeen University's wonderful semi-annual mindscrew is once more upon us and these wonderful textbooks no longer quite seem enough to get me through. Decent coursework marks have set me up well enough, and it shouldn't be too hard to get a decent grade so long as I work at it (I will need to check up on my International Relations essay mark when I return but the feedback recieved so far is good). Of course, this year I need to do more than simply pass, certain marks will be needed to achieve something more than a 3rd rate pass, but I don't consider this a problem...yet.

Anyway, other news includes the unfortunate that we're having to sell the house. Well, not quite having to, but the sacrifices needed are simply not worth it. The house itself is going to fetch quite a bit, ridding us of the wonderful problems of loans and mortgages for a while. Given how cheap to rent it is around here finding somewhere new isnt going to be too much of a hassle.

Will post more later with some introspection or something.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Friday night and I am not going out...

Sounds pretty depressing, but to be honest I'm glad to finally have a weekend whereI'm not spending half of it getting drunk or recovering from it. Saves the forty odd pounds I usually spend by the end of the night too. Going out in Aberdeen has certainly declined since I arrived over two years. Maybe its just being too familiar, maybe its just me getting older, but still it seems like less and less each week that I can be bothered to go out, and even the last few weeks when I have its more a question of me going for the sake of going rather than actually intending to have a full-blown night out.

Certainly some things have changed, the University Unions have drastically reduced in quality (ie the prices have gone up), and Liquid still seems to be the shittest experience on Earth. Okay, I admit its still one above having your genitals being run a mangle, but finishing every single fucking night there is beginning to get annoying. Anyway...

Life is actually pretty swell. Despite losing the laptop, in fact maybe BECAUSE of losing it Ive entered the most productive part of my university career. Books are read and presentations made before the three hours before the seminar! So although all that will change when I get the laptop back, I am proud to say how much work I've been able to do. I'm also actively started looking for a job. Sponging off my parents, though easy, is not very rewarding and is something I wish to put right in the near future.

In Nationstates, Ive finally been able to update the Wiki, adding stuff Ive long needed to, and been able to do work on the RP boards. However, lacking the laptop I haven't been able to do much design work. Which is a shame.

An irrelevant post really, but hey, all two readers need to know I'm alive, right?

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Damn the Dr. Pepper

Well, the lack of laptop is extremely annoying, I must admit.

A couple of weeks ago I spilt a not-insignificant amount of Dr. Pepper on my 2003ish Toshiba A30, and although it still had some functionality to back-up (and it didn't catch on fire either) I obviously had it taken in for repair. I'm now stuck with the Uni's own computers and although not too bad they're not top of the line models, they lack even MS Paint and the rules about IM are very clear and very well enforced.

So that means a lot of stuff for NS has grinded to a halt. No longer am I on IRC til it returns and no new models either. Have been able to do a lot of work for my NSWiki, and have also had fun learning to sketch actual, vaguely human figures. Admittedly I'm developing a style with mangaish leanings but nonetheless it is fun and I am certain that I will be able to get some presentable efforts up soon.

Also, NS wise, I introduced a new format on my storefront for NS at, for the Tyrant class Submarine. Though the large Naval-Technology style writeups were imformative, I tend to find myself writing the same info over and over and doing a 4000+ word write-up for each model is simply not worth it anymore. The current stats can provide info for anyone who wants to know and is willing to look a little, and they can ask about specifics if they want to anyway. Given many replace a lot of the systems as well, I cant see the point of essentially repeating myself every new weapon.

Thats pretty much it for now. I've chosen my IR question, about Western Security Interventions in the Mid-East, though now I need to get the six thousand odd words of drivel in order to fill it out. Economics is fun but the groupwork is a bitch. First presentation in nine days time and counting. Should get some reading done too, really.


PS. Was said to hear about all the trouble with the clashes between Hogsweat's supporters and the Mod's and their own support. Its sad to see such anger over what is a bunch of pixels and code on a screen really. I still feel bad for Hogsweat, though I left my position clear in the last post. Good luck and godspeed to those who both left for good and those who decided to remain.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Harsh.....but fair.

So, the nation of Hogsweat was deleted for an accidental griefing of the region Haven. Notably, I did not learn about this for a number of days when I logged back in and discovered myself in the Rejected Realms. Not that this was a problem, given that I was leaving Haven anyway, but nonetheless a considerable shock. Having gone onto the boards, and in moderation, in particular, it seems the events surrounding the deletion are a source of much consternation and dismay, resulting in some heated debate and resulting ins everal other members leaving.

So, my own personal opinion, based on what I know and have read (and presuming some stuff, admittedly, given that I haven't seen, for instance, much of the relevant IRC conversations). At the end of the days a set of rules was created to prevent a malicious problem in the Nationstates game, a set of rules that seems to work reasonably well for the situation intended. However, as with all such rules and laws it gets far more complicated when a rare situation arises in circumstances that weren't fully considered or dismissed when being wrote. The contraversy here is that Hogsweat's actions, though breaking the rules, did not do so with malicious intent and embarked on the action for a beneficial purpose.

However, as harsh (and painful, given I consider Hogsweat a good friend) as it seems, I believe the decision was fair in the context of the game. It is a rule of the site and therefore not to implement it would be a failure of the mods. The circumstances were very unfortunate and it is hard not to feel sympathy, but to not implement regardless, cold as it sounds, would be a significant let down. Ignorance, even if here understandable, is unfortunately not excusable to the offence and at the end of the day it is better for the rest of the 100,000+ nations on the site that ALL RULES, such as they are, are obeyed without regard to status, motive or bias.

I HATE myself for saying it, though. Rest in peace, old friend, and keep well.

And one minor endnote: There is no such thing as unbiased opinions. No matter how objectionable and representative you try to be there is always a conclusion you are drawing to. You will always warm to your friends, work against your opponents and move towards a path set by your own goals. Any opinion, any blog, any action will always have a bias towards one position or another. So no claiming no 'bias' by anyone, please, its insulting to the intelligence.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I expected to update sooner.

Indeed I did.

Summer has passed in spectacular style. I weigh the same as when I left (not actually a bad achievement in itself), the job front vapourised in a second, the 21st was spectacular, and the trips around Europe and the USA were breathtaking all by themselves. Saw the family for ages, enjoyed being able to legally gamble in Vegas and drink anywhere in the US for the first time, and have generally been making the most of life. I discovered the true value of money. spending just enough of what you have to enjoy life. I believe now that when I work I would settle for lesser pay so long as I got the leisure I wanted. I'm here on Earth to enjoy myself, after all.

The third year of university now presents itself. A challenge of new proportions, a genuine effort now commanded to actually pass this time around. I only had to do four finals all year, and although difficult in themselves, the fact I could study for all of them strongly meant that I could make a decent stab at all of them. The exams in June were passed reasonably well, although I will admit to being pleasently surprised by my economics mark and dissappointed by my Intl Relations one. the Microeconomics resit was a bit tougher (especially after getting backl from Europe) but I passed it sufficiently well to get into honours at my uni. This is what scares me now, now just having to pass reasonably, but having to do well as to qualify with a 1 or 2.1 degree. A Masters in Economics and Intl Relations would set me up nicely for my career, I'm told, but none the less I am faced with the prospect that such a good pass is beyond me.

This may simply be pre-term nerves, and it hasn't had much effect (at least by now) beyond the obvious anxiety. Whereas my rational mind dismisses it, however, I still feel apprehensive, especially with regards to my own ability. I have always been expected to do well in what I attempt, but more and more I realise that my chosen path is going to begin to really test me. I have always done well in acedemics, and I feel now that I am expected to succeed now, by my friends and family, who inform me I [i]have[/i] the ability and yet they themselves seem to have fallen by the wayside. At least, they did when they were my age, and I find myself conciously noting how much farther in my education I have gone than them and how much farther they wish me to go in it, given what they experienced. I keep putting my feelings of inadequacy down to nerves, and I hope that is simply it.

Nonetheless, having not yet failed an exam or paper, and looking forward to my course I am optimistic. I am glad I'm going into the same flats with the same guys from the last two years, which removes a fair few worries. The new flat (on the same complex) is larger and airier, and my room especially is much more spacious than before. Going to be able to cram more stuff in, and I'm going to enjoy the feeling of...newness to the place. Should be good.

Of course unfortunately I'm forced to move up two days after getting back from America. Damn advisor interviews. Nonetheless, I'm glad I am on honours and at least I have no additional exams to worry about this January. A mixture of Intl Relations and Economics is going to mean a relatively exam-light, coursework-heavy schedule, which suits me fine, as I tend to be a better writer with more words and time to play with.

Athiesm and current liberal views in place.

Good luck to all who are returning to uni this week.